HCX launches the first non-proprietary HPC server platform: Get to know the Eon Series server case lineup

RMA/Warranty Policy

limited warranty* is offered on all HCX products; all warranty enquires are to be directed to your initial place of purchase. The limited warranty is only applicable to the original purchaser of the HCX product and may not be transferred. For warranty service please contact your Distributor/Reseller, they will require a proof of purchase which includes the original invoice.

RMA Policy

Product Warranty will not be deemed valid even if returned after purchase for the following cases:

  • Products that are defaced or physically damaged and modified by the customer.
  • Products that become non-functional due to improper use by the customer.
  • Products that cannot be verified as original HCX products.
  • Products that do not have the same serial number on the product and the original receipt.
  • Products not purchased from an official HCX distributor or reseller.
  • When the Proof of Purchase cannot be provided.

Warranty extensions:

At this time HCX does not directly provide any warranty extensions. Any warranty extensions purchased will be the sole responsibility of the reseller or distributor that has provided the extension. Any extensions provided by the reseller are independent and not the responsibility of HCX.

Any replacement product provided under warranty may include new, reworked or refurbished product and parts.

Any repaired, replaced or exchanged products will be covered for the remaining period of the original warranty.

HCX reserves the right to modify the terms of this policy without prior notice.

General Product specifications can vary due to component availability and are subject to change without notice.


*Warranty may vary from Country/Region, the customer must verify directly with the HCX Authorized Distributor/Reseller from where the product was purchased as to the specifics of Warranty provided.

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