HCX launches the first non-proprietary HPC server platform: Get to know the Eon Series server case lineup

WiFi 7 is the next-gen WiFi standard bringing unprecedented wireless speeds up to 46Gbps for ultra-fast large scale wireless networks deployment.

As a WiFi 7 pioneer, HCX is proud to be the very first networking equipment manufacturer to have made WiFi 7 network expansion cards available for retail in Europe.


Tri-Band Native Support

WiFi 7 takes full advantage of its new 320 MHz channel across the 2.4GHz, 5GHz, and 6GHz wireless bands for significantly higher data throughput and bandwidth.


Up to 46Gbps

Thanks to its large frequency channel, WiFi 7 can deliver up to 46Gbps of usable bandwidth to hundreds of devices simultaneously on multiple bands with ultra-low latency.


Cutting-Edge Technologies

WiFi 7 integrates the latest 16×16 MU-MIMO, MLO and OFDMA technologies offering improved 16-streams multiplexing capabilities, frequencies modulation and multi-link aggregation.

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