HCX launches the first non-proprietary HPC server platform: Get to know the Eon Series server case lineup
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HCX Nexus Series NX448 4U Short Depth Server Case 15 x 3.5″ HDD

158,25  (189,90  Inc. VAT)

HCX Nexus Series NX265 2U Server Case 9 x 3.5″ HDD

166,58  (199,90  Inc. VAT)
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HCX Nexus Series NX465 4U Extended Depth Server Case 15 x 3.5″ HDD

191,58  (229,90  Inc. VAT)

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The Nexus Series Server Cases from HCX bring easy components integration, upgradeability and maintenance to server builders and operators for a seamless experience without compromising build quality and overall compatibility. The Nexus Series is the go-to solution for a wide range of server environments, from home lab racks up to mid-size office server rooms.

  • Standard 4U height, 19″ rackmount and extended depth of 650mm
  • Supports SSI-EEB/E-ATX (12″x13″), SSI-CEB (12″x10.5″), ATX (12″x9.6″), Micro ATX (9.6″x9.6″) and Mini ITX (6.7″x6.7″) motherboards
  • 15 x 3.5″ internal HDD bays mounted on an easy to access tilting carriage
  • 7 full height PCI expansion slots
  • 9 pre-installed high performance cooling fans (4x 80mm 1,500RPM/38.2CFM front, 3x 120mm hot-swappable 2,200RPM/73.8CFM middle, 2x 80mm 1,500RPM/38.2CFM back) with built-in dual-layer dust filtering
  • Compatible with both Standard ATX and 4U Redundant Power Supplies


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Technical Specifications
Product NX465
Case Form Factor 4U 19″ Rackmount
Motherboard Compatibility SSI-EEB/E-ATX (12″x13″), SSI-CEB (12″x10.5″), ATX (12″x9.6″), Micro ATX (9.6″x9.6″), Mini ITX (6.7″x6.7″)
Power Supply Compatibility Standard ATX PS2, 4U redundant
Drive Bays External 5.25″ 0
External 3.5″ 0
Internal 3.5″ 15
Internal 2.5″ 0
Hotswap 3.5″ 0
Hotswap 2.5″ 0
Hotswap Backplane None
Expansion PCI Slots Full Height 7
Low Profile 0
CPU Cooler max height 152 mm
PCI Expansion max length 350 mm
Cooling 4x 80mm 1,500RPM front fans (3 pins, non PWM, with molex PCB adapter), 3x 120mm hot-swappable 1,500RPM middle fans (3 pins, non PWM, with molex PCB adapter), 2 x 80mm 1,500RPM rear fans (3 pins, non PWM)
Dust Filtering Dual-layer
Front Panel Power Switch 1
Reset Switch 1
USB 2.0 0
USB 3.0 2
Serial 0
Display Output 0
Indicators Power, HDD, LAN1, LAN2, LAN3, Alarm
Color Black, Silver
Material SGCC 1.2mm, Brushed 304L Stainless Steel 1mm
Dimensions L650 x W482 x H176 mm
Weight 14.50 kg
Dimensions L830 x W555 x H240 mm
Weight 14.50 kg
What’s Included
  • 1 x Chassis
  • 1 x Accessory Box

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